Rohrabacher Challenger Martin To Host 5 "Putin Events" After Attending PutinCon


"I'm just getting started. As a humanitarian, it's my moral duty but as a patriot and congressional candidate, it's my national obligation. Speaking-out about Putin-Rohrabacher is an issue of national security that I will not ignore."


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March 22, 2018

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIF. – Following attending PutinCon in NYC, GOP centrist challenger Paul Martin has decided to host a series of events aimed at further informing voters of Vladimir Putin and his close relationship to beleaguered Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher.

"Many here are just starting to find out about what Rohrabacher has been up to. They are turning to me because I'm making it the single greatest issue in this very close race. Our campaign needs a more efficient way of telling this story so we are going to launch these events." 

Martin described the impact PutinCon had on his understanding of the Russian dictator: "It's one thing to read the countless news articles on the poisonings, torture, 'mysterious' deaths. But when you look into the eyes of people like Garry Kasparov and Bill Browder and journalist Karine Orlova who had to flee Russia because of death threats — these are people who fear for their very lives."

PutinCon was hosted in New York's Hell's Kitchen on March 16th by the Human Rights Foundation. It featured Russian democracy activists, Kremlin experts, Putin biographers, law enforcement professionals, historians, foreign policy leaders, and intelligence analysts about Putin’s rise to power and his beliefs, psychology, methods, and weaknesses. 

"Look, I've spent most of my life as a Christian humanitarian. I know that most people care about human rights. They just need to know the scale and scope of what's going on."

Martin recalls attending a session titled, “The Killings of Vladimir Putin."

"I'm sitting there in disbelief when I received a news alert on my iPhone. Nicoli Glushkov, a former Russian business magnate and a staunch critic of Putin, was confirmed to have been murdered in his home in New Malden, South West London, from 'compression of the neck.'"

Glushkov, just days following the nerve agent on Sergei Skripal and his daughter, was murdered in New Malden, ironically, a place Marin lived for two years while on a work assignment in the late 1990's.

"This one felt eerily close to home," Martin said.

Rohrabacher told ABC News during an interview in December, "I'm not Putin's best friend. I'm a patriotic American who knows that it would be really good for America to cooperate with Russia." 

"Cooperate? Rohrabacher's words conjure up in me an idea of a remarkably different kind of patriotism — that of President Reagan, who I voted for as a patriotic and idealistic 18-year-old," Martin said. "Reagan wasn’t afraid to call out Moscow for its malicious deeds. He had guts. The phrases ‘evil empire’ and ‘tear down that wall’ are embedded in my memory."

"Reagan fought to bring down the Soviet Union. Putin said its collapse was, 'the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.' And Dana Rohrabacher is Putin’s Favorite Congressman."

"Voters need to know these things, and plan on informing each one of them."

Martin, a self-described "raging centrist," is a lifelong Republican, businessman, social entrepreneur, and writer. An OC native, he attended UCLA and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophical ethics; he has a long track record in the district of not just launching successful startups, but in being a leader for social change in the community.  

He is competing in a hotly contested race in a field of 8 Democrats in California’s “jungle” top-two primary.


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