Martin Blasts NRA - Receives Mom's Demand Action Candidate Distinction

GOP challenger to Dana Rohrabacher blasts the NRA while receiving the Federal Gun Sense Candidate distinction from Mom's Demand Action and taking the #NoNRAMoney Candidate Pledge — he calls on other GOP officials and candidates to "man up" in protecting Americans from senseless gun violence. 

"I consider it a badge of honor to be both a Republican and a critic of the cult-like agenda of the NRA. For a party that boasts of not being politically correct, most GOP leaders are terrified to ‘risk’ taking a stand on senseless gun violence. They mumble 'thoughts and prayers' after every mass shooting but their subsequent inaction is proof that the gun lobby matters more than preventing the murder of women and children."


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May 15, 2018

Orange County, Calif. - GOP candidate Paul Martin, challenger to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in California's 48th congressional district, was recently awarded the Federal Gun Sense Candidate distinction from Mom's Demand Action, a leading force for gun violence prevention. 

In order to receive the Mom’s Demand distinction, candidates must endorse a number of legislative issues ranging from criminal background checks on all gun sales to stopping concealed carry reciprocity. 

Martin also signed the NoNRAMoney Candidate Pledge, a pledge by elected officials and candidates that they will not take NRA money nor tout NRA ranking but will pursue common sense gun laws.

"I grew up on a ranch. I own guns. I'm proud of it. Nobody's trying to remove the Second Amendment. But what will it take for fellow Republicans to finally vote for common sense legislation? They talk a good game after every massacre, then they bury their heads in the sand until the next one. It’s reprehensible.” 

Martin is especially critical of his opponent. “Rohrabacher, who calls global warming a 'hoax' and the Charlottesville tragedy a 'staged' event, cosponsored a bill that repealed the ban on semi-automatic weapons, the trigger lock law, and mandatory registration. He also voted to reduce waiting periods from three days to one day. Now he wants to arm teachers.” 

Martin went on, “We stop at nothing in the war against terror to save innocent lives. Why can't we show the same resolve with senseless gun violence? When you have a generation of children having to master lockdown drills, I think it’s about time to act. What matters more than our children?” 

Martin, a self-described "raging centrist," often points to the absurdity of groupthink in today's political landscape.

"I tell Republican moms all week long, 'Look, you can be for lower taxes and also common sense gun safety — you don't have to choose between the two.' They all give me this ‘Wait, that makes too much sense!’ look.”

Martin is outspoken in his admiration of Shannon Watts, founder of Mom's Demand. "After Sandy Hook, Shannon said 'enough is enough.' Because of her courage, saving innocent Americans from senseless gun violence will one day be endorsed by both parties. I'm fully on board. But it's going to take time." 

Martin is competing in a hotly contested race in California’s “jungle” top-two primary.





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