Proven Principles For Real Change

National Defense and Protection 

As a lifelong Republican, Paul still holds firmly to President Ronald Reagan’s vision of “peace through strength.” The United States is an exceptional country — the envy of the world — and the federal government’s number one responsibility is to protect the nation from those who wish to weaken or destroy us.

The United States has crucial obligations in other parts of the world, especially places where terrorist organizations have been harbored to plan attacks against us, both domestically and abroad. Paul believes we must not allow the necessary focus on such non-traditional threats to distract us from maintaining our nuclear deterrent and readiness in the face of more traditional foes. Paul understands that our allies are crucial in the fight against al Qaeda, ISIS, and other fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups and supports all efforts to strengthen relationships with these crucial overseas partners.

Paul also has been outspoken in “the new warfare” — hacking, doxing, spreading disinformation, bots, dark ads, and hacking voter rolls. He advocates for a robust and comprehensive look at the way we protect critical infrastructure and other networks from cyber attacks and will fight to ensure that the United States stop at nothing to sanction every foreign agent that aims to repress our Democracy in this manner.

Specifically, Paul will work relentlessly to expose and respond to the relentless attacks and human rights abuses of Vladimir Putin — he will cooperate with other noble initiatives to end his anti-democratic agenda both in the U.S. and globally.

Paul supports our allies in parts of the world that share our nation’s vision for freedom and human rights. He supports maintaining strong US-Israel relations. He aims to ensure Israel has the resources to defend itself and uphold its right to do so. He is an advocate for the rights of religious minorities throughout the world. 

In addition to supporting our nation’s servicemen and women, Paul is a strong advocate for our nation’s first responders and law enforcement officials.


Grow Jobs and Opportunity

Paul Martin believes our top domestic and local priority should be growing more good-paying, full-time jobs. Everyone who works hard deserves the opportunity to succeed, which is why Paul will fight for a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda in Washington.

As the son of a small business owner, and as a former entrepreneur, Paul understands that no government program can replace what a good job means for the future of a family. Unfortunately, bigger government, more spending, higher taxes, and more debt has created an inequality crisis of opportunity in our country, and district. Those policies have disproportionately hurt low and middle-class Americans for far too long.

Paul supports two core efforts to increase economic opportunity for American families and workers. These include,

  • Streamline Unnecessary Regulations. No one wants to create a job or hire more people when they have uncertainties about what the future holds. Paul will support common-sense bills aimed at reviewing, streamlining, consolidating, and repealing costly and needless government regulations.

  • The revival of American Infrastructure. Paul understands that maintaining and improving our roads, bridges, and other transportation networks are crucial to the long-term viability of the nation’s economy. As a way of stimulating the economy and simultaneously improving the structure of our systems, he supports bipartisan legislation to revive American infrastructure and encourage job creation through the expansion of shovel-ready projects. Paul is committed to ensuring both District and national infrastructure remains a top priority.


Federal Spending

Paul maintains a consistent voting record for candidates committed to reducing both the expansion of the federal government and the growth of the national debt. According to many of these leaders, the issue of such debt is a matter of national security. Today that debt total stands approximately at a staggering $20 trillion.

The lack of fiscal discipline is a major threat to the development of our economy. Ratings agency Standard and Poor’s stripped the United States of its triple-A credit rating in 2011. However, Congress has failed to courageously address crucial budget decisions, passing on potentially devastating repercussions to our children and grandchildren.

Paul believes that tightened budget expenditures are imperative to bring the federal government back to a fiscally sound standing.

As a result of maintaining a fiscally responsible budget, the federal government would be able to better identify their priorities and address the coming insolvencies of Social Security and Medicare.  The ultimate goal, for the future of national security and the betterment of future generations, is to reform entitlement programs resulting in a budget that demonstrates the ability to live within our means.

As a lifetime Republican committed to conservative fiscal values, Paul will continue to fight out-of-control spending and government expansion.

Gun Safety

Paul grew up on a 6-acre ranch in North Orange County. His father is a gun enthusiast and hunter. Paul recalls growing up, admiring his dad's gun collection, hunting, and receiving his first "real" gun — a .410 gauge shotgun, at the age of 14.

As a lifelong gun owner, Paul will fight to uphold the Second Amendment, but he also believes lawmakers must act to help protect the innocent from senseless gun violence.

Specifically, Paul advocates for common sense measures to protect our children. These include comprehensive background checks (national database) for any and all purchasers of firearms and ammunition. He believes that the acquiring of a gun should be no easier than that of attaining a driver's license.

Paul often tells voters, "When it comes to keeping our nation safe from terrorists, saying 'there's nothing we can do about it, it's giong to happen anyway' is not an option." He goes on, "In the same way we work to keep innocent people safe from terrorists, we must have the resolve to protect them from senseless gun violence."


Health Care Reform

Though he holds that all Americans need access to affordable quality health care, Paul does not support as is continuation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and will work to address the provisions in the law that are most harmful to Americans. Paul believes health care reform must be addressed immediately due to the continued, dramatic annual increases in insurance premiums. He does, however, intend to keep provisions of the ACA that have worked. Those include:

  • Prohibitions on the discrimination for pre-existing conditions
  • No annual or lifetime limits
  • Coverage up to age 26
  • Continuation of coverage afforded under Medicaid Expansion

As health care remains one of our biggest domestic issues, Paul will be committed to keeping the provisions above, and will work with leadership, and members of the Finance and HELP committees, to come up with prudent and workable solutions for all Americans. 


Energy and Environment

As one of a few Orange County natives running in this race, Paul has a lifetime of enjoying District 48’s greatest treasure — its miles of pristine coastline. He is fiercely committed to advancing reasonable and effective policies to protect it.

Paul strongly rejects the idea that one party should be known for championing the protection of our planet.

Instead of polarizing the issue of the environment, Paul believes that all people, regardless of their views on global warming, want clean air, clean water, and reduced pollution.

Paul will advocate for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. He will further work for the creation of green energy jobs and advocate for the reduction of our dangerous dependence on foreign oil – while retaining important American manufacturing jobs.  



We have all seen the effect of homelessness in our communities. In a county with high housing costs, some might even have family and friends who have been barely able to make ends meet. Sadly, following the Great Recession, many hardworking and responsible residents found themselves unable to sustain their basic living needs. 

Homelessness in Orange County has seen a dramatic increase over the years. According to a recent study, taxpayers are spending a minimum of $299 million per year on providing for their needs.

Who comprises this increasing homeless population? Over 90% US-born individuals, with 68% having lived here for over 10 years. The vast majority (40%) report securing or retaining jobs as the reason they lost their housing. Thirty-six percent report finding or retaining affordable housing as the reason they are homeless.

Paul believes that addressing issues of homelessness is a not partisan issue. Proven national best practices can help those struggling and, simultaneously, save taxpayers millions. 

A significant number of our homeless population are classified as chronic homeless. This means they have a diagnosed disability. These are people for whom it is impossible to get off the streets without assistance. 

President George W. Bush successfully created a 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness using evidence-based practices. In short, it's a fact that when the chronically homeless are taken off the streets and given employment, all benefit. 

The result of implementation of the Bush plan, Orange County taxpayers would save 50% per homeless person ($51,587 per person versus $100,789, per year). In addition, there would be a reduction of 78% in ambulance rides and 100% fewer arrests.

Paul is committed to saving our county $42 million per year and, at the same, restoring hope to thousands in our communities.



Whether you are an educator, a parent, or a business owner, we must all be invested in making sure that today’s children leave school prepared to contribute to our community in a positive and meaningful way. In order to reach that goal, we must ensure that high-quality education is available to every child.

As a father, Paul's children have attended both private and public (including charter) schools, and have had a period where they were homeschooled. He understands the choices parents face in wanting to provide the best opportunity for their children, and has experienced, firsthand, the benefits and challenges each option provides.

Paul believes that education is an intrinsic value — to learn and be educated is to strengthen not just the person, but the community, and society. In District 48, the inflated cost of living makes the issue of education specifically germane. Too many cannot afford to live here; hence, to find and keep successful, well-paying jobs, people need to have superior knowledge and skills. In short, education is uniquely important to the current and future success of Orange County. 

Paul is a supporter of Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA. ESSA returns control over education to the state. It eliminates the No Child Left Behind mandates for “Adequate Yearly Progress” that gave our schools 31 ways to be labeled a “failure” but failed to provide ways to get credit for improvement. It removes “Highly Qualified Teacher” mandates that have yet to succeed in identifying the truly exceptional teacher.

Finally, Paul understands the merits of School Choice. He believes all educational modalities must remain a part of the complex conversation in the national effort to do what's best for our children.  


Veterans - Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes

Paul believes that looking out for our nation’s veterans is a central part of keeping a strong commitment to our military members. He holds that Congress has a duty to keep its promises to veterans.

Paul would work to help to help countless veterans receive assistance and recognition from the federal government. Further, he holds that Congress should never use veterans' funding to pass bills that would not pass on their own merit and that would exacerbate our country's fiscal crisis and increase our nation’s debt.

To those who have been “in the trenches,” Paul would rely on the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure good stewardship of taxpayer dollars and that veterans are getting the services they need.     

Paul would fiercely work to protect proper health care for veterans. He would champion bills that safeguard services and would support bills that would promote better healthcare for veterans. Because veterans cannot receive the proper care they need without the proper facilities, Paul would advocate for construction and improvement of veterans' healthcare facilities.


Technology and Telecommunications

The growth of the mobile telecommunications and internet networks have compelled advancement in content and innovation, which has revolutionized content distribution, video programming, and world communication. Paul aims to help users expand the availability of communications services to all Americans.

Paul also believes that a free and accessible internet works and its regulation is not the responsibility of the government. He is in staunch opposition to the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) implementation of so-called “net neutrality” guidelines, which gives the FCC new regulatory jurisdiction over the internet. Furthermore, Paul is in support of keeping the internet access-free from all federal taxes. The absence of such taxes will help keep consumers’ internet rates low and inspire private sector expenditure.



Any conversation about illegal immigration must begin with the securing of our border. For too long, Washington DC has failed in this very basic and necessary first step. In short, it's too easy for people to enter our country illegally. 

Paul holds that a legal immigration system also must immediately deport any and all illegal immigrants who have committed a violent crime, without equivocation. From there, he aims to promote policy that creates economic growth, a temporary worker program to provide for future labor needs, and enhanced employment verification standards to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants.

Past efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform have failed due to public mistrust of the government’s ability to manage such a program. The changing nature of immigration across the southern border has also hurt these efforts.      

Our legal immigration system must also be reformed to encourage economic growth and to give future immigrants an incentive to go through the legal process. If we want economic growth, we must make it easier for the best and brightest immigrants to contribute to our nation by being tomorrow’s innovators.

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