Left, Right, Whatever. I Like To Get Stuff Done

Here’s a question I ask you to consider. How can this organization we call the United States government be successful when people on opposite sides hate each other? How can a family or a company or any organization function when its members loathe fellow members?

How can there be progress when one side considers it a “win” when the other side loses?

The win-lose spirit in Washington D.C is the primary reason for Congress’s current national approval rating of 13% — voters don’t like it. And why should they?

At the core of my campaign is an overwhelming sense that the division between left and right is damaging this great nation. Further, I do not believe blaming the other side is the answer.

Dana Rohrabacher is in trouble!

Help elect a forward-thinking conservative with vision and values to fight for ALL Americans!

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Paul Martin For U.S. Congress