Garry Kasparov and Paul Martin Joint DC Media Event April 24

Chess champion and pro-democracy leader Garry Kasparov will join Paul Martin, centrist GOP challenger to Dana Rohrabacher, at April 24 DC media event to discuss Vladimir Putin’s attacks on the United States and its allies, Russia sanctions, and how Russia cultivates and exploits politicians in the free world.


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April 18, 2018

"District 48 is ‘Ground Zero’ in the upcoming midterm elections. And voters here are increasingly turning to my campaign for answers about Rohrabacher. I believe all Americans need to know about a Congressman who continues to minimize Putin’s anti-democracy attacks and human rights violations — Garry Kasparov is a chief voice helping us all understand today’s complex geopolitical reality and the Putin-Rohrabacher relationship."

Orange County, Calif. - Following increasing questions on Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's support of the Trump agenda, including the President’s recent decision to reverse proposed Russian sanctions, GOP candidate Paul Martin will leave the campaign trail on April 24th to host a media event in our nation’s capital.

He will be joined by Garry Kasparov, whom he met on March 16 at PutinCon, a gathering of Democracy Activists, Kremlin Experts, and Law Enforcement Professionals.

“Vladimir Putin has destroyed democracy in Russia,” said Kasparov, “and for a decade he has been hard at work attacking the US. It’s a scandal that a member of the US Congress openly defends Putin’s interests, as Congressman Rohrabacher has done for years, and continues to do even today when Putin’s direct assault on American democracy and interests are well established. Ronald Reagan has always been one of my heroes, from back when I was a Soviet chess champion dreaming of freedom, and I have no doubt he would be horrified by such appeasement.”

Martin, a centrist Republican, and neoconservative, has made Vladimir Putin’s aggression against western democracies the centerpiece of his campaign. 

“Six months ago,” Martin said, “voters in CA48 weren’t concerned about Putin. But so much has taken place. I have made Putin-Rohrabacher the central issue of my campaign. I was endorsed by Bill Browder. Voters are reading about our focused campaign and that means they are learning about Putin and Rohrabacher.”

He went on, “You also have the Mueller investigation with indictments and plea deals and then attacks in England, one including a nerve agent. Then there’s Putin’s backing of Assad in light of the recent chemical weapons attacks. My opponent only is using diversion tactics, including a recent email to his constituents from 'Behind The California Curtain.'"

Martin contends that the beleaguered Congressman is at very best distracted with the investigations and not serving the interests of his constituents.  At worst, he believes he could be conspiring to aid our greatest foreign adversary.

A self-described "raging centrist," Martin is a lifelong Republican, businessman, social entrepreneur, and writer. 

He is competing in a hotly contested race with a large field of Democrats in California’s “jungle” top-two primary.


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