Paul Unfiltered On The Issues

GOP For Working Class And The Poor? YES!

A New GOP. One that fights for the needs of the working class and poor.

One party should not have a monopoly on being an advocate for those who work hard and can barely get by.

It's going to happen. 

One Reason I'm Not Afraid To Stand Up To Trump

In today's political climate, voters are given many no-win choices.

You shouldn't have to choose between common sense gun safety or a smaller government.

We need leaders who aren't afraid to stand for what is right.

May I Have Your Vote?

As insider politicians and millionaires fight it out, there's only one centrist and forward-thinking candidate in this race.


May I have your vote? 


Dana Rohrabacher is in trouble!

Help elect a forward-thinking conservative with vision and values to fight for ALL Americans!

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