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When Parents Are Afraid To Send Their Kids to School and Concerts...


Dana Rohrabacher co-sponsored a bill to keep semi-automatic weapons legal, prevent trigger locks, and prevent mandatory gun registration. He also voted YES to reduce waiting periods from three days to one day. 
Our founders created "representatives" in order for them to protect the people. How does this protect the people?

Dana Wants To Drill Off Our Coast. I Have A Better Plan

Over 200,000 aerospace jobs have left our district since Dana Rohrabacher came to office nearly 30 years ago. Now he wants to put oil rigs off the coast. I propose tech and green jobs instead.

Common sense matters.

Leaders Needs Guts To Stand Up To Adversaries.

The solemn oath made by our nation's leaders is to defend against attacks from agents what would wish to weaken our nation and democracy. If elected, I wouldn't waver.

Dana Rohrabacher is in trouble!

Help elect a forward-thinking conservative with vision and values to fight for ALL Americans!

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