Come Clean Dana Rohrabacher


Centrist GOP challenger Paul Martin calls on the beleaguered congressman to reveal all interactions he's had with Russians, indicted former Trump associates, and white supremacists.



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February 23, 2018

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – As the latest revelation of 15-term Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's Russia connections was revealed today, GOP voters in his California Congressional district wanted answers.

They turned to Paul Martin.

"We had dozens of voters reach out to us today wondering what was going on," says Martin. 

"District 48 remains predominately a Republican district. And with every new Rohrabacher-revelation that hits the headlines, our phones start ringing. The Congressman will not hold a town hall meeting, so voters are coming to me for an explanation."

Today's guilty plea of former Donald Trump campaign official Rick Gates to two criminal charges in special counsel Robert Mueller's wide-ranging investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign and related activities implicate Rohrabacher.

In June of 2017, Rohrabacher remarked on a 2013 meeting with Gates, Paul Manafort, and a lobbyist, to the Los Angeles Times: “I assume when old friends call me up and are wanting to get reacquainted and stuff I always assume they are in some way under contract with somebody,” Rohrabacher said. “We discussed a myriad of things, a lot of personal stuff, a lot of different analysis of the politics of the day. It was a nice little dinner.”

"That 'nice little dinner' Rohrabacher talked about is now the topic of a criminal investigation," Martin said. 

"My opponent calls Russia meddling a 'hoax.'  He chastises Robert Mueller's investigation. He lobbies on behalf of Vladimir Putin against Magnitsty Act sanctions. And now we know he was part of the Manafort-Gates meeting which is the subject of a criminal indictment."

"He says he's an 'open book.' He's clearly not. He needs to come clean. His constituents are demanding it." 



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