"I Can Barely Make Ends Meet."

I hear that all the time. Fact is, the gap between the rich and the middle class on grows. And in Orange County, high housing prices make it nearly impossible for countless families, young adults, and seniors to makes ends meet.

We need a leader with vision. Creativity. One who understands what it's like to buy a house and raise a family in the amazing yet expensive district. I'm running against a career politician who has lived off the government for decades, even during the great recession where Mr. Rohrabacher didn't suffer unemployment or underemployment like so many of his constituent.

On the Democrat side, you have a billionaire, and a few corporate insiders trying to convince the middle-class voters that they can relate. We've heard that before. I'm genuinely not sure the hardworking people in the district need either a career politician or a corporate insider with ties to big money. Been there, done that. 

Dana Rohrabacher is in trouble!

Help elect a forward-thinking conservative with vision and values to fight for ALL Americans!

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Paul Martin For U.S. Congress